Lawn Care and Landscapers Play A Part

Florists operate a booming business, especially during holidays like Christmas, Easter and especially Valentines Day. I am a person who loves to have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my home as often as possible, so many times I buy them just because I see some I want.

Most florists are located near the business district of a town or city, so there is no way they could grow the large assortment of flowers they need to create the lovely arrangements their clientele buys. Since a constant supply of fresh flowers and plants are required by a successful floral shop, they must have multiple sources of flowers.

Flower farms grow a wide variety of beautiful flowers that are sold to local florists, and some flowers are also shipped to flower shops out of the area. Part of this equation is the landscaping that is required to provide a fertile ground with enough nutrients, proper shading so that the flowers get the right amount of sun, and enough variety for the birds and bees to coexist harmoniously. We have a great lawn service company ( who does amazing work. One thing he taught me is that cold weather presents a serious obstacle to flower growers, so most also have a greenhouse where plants can be grown no matter what the outdoor temperature is. Some flowers such as orchids grow best in tropical conditions, and the temperature and moisture levels can also be controlled in a greenhouse.

The holidays are not the only occasions that require floral arrangements. Although weddings and funerals are on opposite ends of celebration types, both require beautiful floral arrangements whatever the weather happens to be.