Flower Farms At Their Peak

I enjoy visiting flower farms at their peak. The fields of endless color and blooms are just something to behold, and a memory and experience like no other.

Many flower farms are not actually open to the public, but touring them is not all that difficult if you know a few people, and since I travel and work a lot in the flower buying and selling industry, I have quite a few connections.

Farmers are always happy to show off their land and operations, especially when they think they might be landing a new business contact.

The flower farms that do run public tours I oddly save for my husband. He’s got some allergies, but he knows how to manage them, and he tries his best to join me when he can. I know it’s not really his thing, but then again, his sports games are not mine, and yet I join him to fill the other seat he has a season ticket for. But I’m happy when he joins me on our little flower farm trips. He’s a trooper.

The funny thing is that we never have flowers in the home. He never buys them for me. He learned early that I consider flowers bringing work home, and I hate to do that.