It’s Better At The Farm

On a whim, I took a trip to the local flower farm. The flower shops in my area don’t really have anything too different from each other, and all of their stock is pretty much the same stuff that I’ve seen before. I never really thought it was possible to grow tired of flowers, but I’ve really don’t care about the ones they keep selling in the stores. The farm had some flowers that I’ve only been able to see in pictures and video.

I had a few friends over for lunch and they were dying to know where I bought my flowers. I told them about the farm and after lunch we took a trip back to the farm so they could view the selection. They were like kids in a candy store when they were walking around the farm. I was pretty much the same way too, but it was funny to see someone else doing it.

I’m almost hesitant to tell more people about the farm, because I don’t want all of the flowers to be picked away, and I don’t want the prices to raise. Knowing how my friends are, they’ve probably already told half of the town by now.