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Hi there! My name is Angela, and I’ve always had the dream of having my own flower farm. Sure, I have had my own flower pots and have tended to them quite nicely, but I’m talking about a full-fledged farm that would supply florists in my area.

Have you ever wondered where the beautiful flowers you find at a florist’s shop come from? In this article, we will discuss what a flower farm does, and how the lovely bouquets you may be considering purchasing this Valentine’s Day make it to the shops they reside in.

Also known as Floriculture, flower farming is essential to the business of floristry. Without flower farms, there would be no florists, and beautiful bouquets! Floriculturists not only raise the flowers that are used in weddings, gift bouquets, et cetera, but they are responsible for breeding new varieties of plants and flowers as well.

The crops that come from flower farms include houseplants, bedding plants, cut flowers, and pot plants, among much more. The crops that come from floriculture are usually herbaceous. Flowering plants are usually intended for indoor use, and are sold already in pots. Cut flowers, the ones that you may see a bride walk down the aisle holding, are usually sold in bouquets or bunches.

So the next time you purchase that gift bouquet, whether on your first date this Valentine’s Day, or for someone who has been special in your life for some time, now you know exactly where those lovely flowers come from. A flower farm!

There is one particular kind of flower that my partner┬áloves. Since Valentine’s Day is near, I decided to get her┬ásome, but the local flower shop didn’t have any. I checked at other local places, and couldn’t find the flower either. Usually these places have the flower in stock, even for Valentine’s Day, but for some reason they didn’t this time.

My only option was to check out one of the flower farms that are nearby. I never bothered to visit the farm before because the other local shops had what I needed, but for the emergency I was facing, I was willing to make the venture. I asked the owner of the farm if he had the flower I needed and he told me that he had some, but I should arrive quickly before they run out. The farm had been getting calls about that flower all day, meaning that everyone else knew about the shortage in the stores.

I secured enough flowers to make a few bouquets for my wife. I have the flowers sitting in a water solution to keep them alive before the big day. I have them hidden out in the shed, which has a window for sunlight.